"I always wanted a simple way to track my grain inventory and sales while away from my desk/computer.
GrainCoat seems to be the solution! It's a simple, user-friendly system ." ~Randy, Illinois


Timely Decisions

With all your grain inventory and sales information on a device, GrainCoat helps you make efficient, timely grain marketing decisions.


Whether you are focused on managing risk or enhancing your price, GrainCoat allows you to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself.  Not meant to replace your broker, GrainCoat allows you to implement the marketing plans you already have in place!

Because it is available online, you'll know what you have available to sell at any given time with up-to-date inventory and crop planning projections. GrainCoat allows you to move when the market moves and you'll no longer need to find that spreadsheet, piece of scratch paper or wait until you get home to make a sale. 

From price and production to contracts and delivery schedules, GrainCoat tracks your historical, current, and future data to help you make the best decisions for your farm.


"With all of the discussion about digitizing Ag, someone finally thought about applying the same thought process

to ag marketing. GrainCoat does it in a simplistic, user-friendly format! It's  about time."  ~Marc, Colorado


Simplified Process

GrainCoat simplifies the marketing process to make the hardest task you face a little easier.

GrainCoat takes the guesswork out of your spreadsheet formulas and copying correctly from year to year or even day to day. Built-in functionality allows you to move easily as things progress without excessive data entry. A couple verification checks throughout the year and then your data goes to work for you!

GrainCoat's at-a-glance dashboards allow you to visually see your inventories and make quick decisions but also allow you to holistically look at your delivery schedules. Through big-picture-views and reminders as delivery dates approach, we'll help keep you on track throughout the year. 

Prioritized Information

GrainCoat uses a farmer perspective to prioritize information needed to ease a sometimes tedious process.



You juggle many tasks, but GrainCoat presents the information in a way that makes sense to your business needs and eases the burden of marketing decisions.

The multi-year, multi-crop views allow you to get a big picture look at your operation and allows you to prioritize marketing decisions. With user default settings, GrainCoat will learn from you! It is a dynamic tool focused on reducing the extras and prioritizing what options are specific to your operation.

For year-end, GrainCoat prioritizes tax information by providing you a quick yearly report, including inventory values, average sales prices, and total revenue.


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